we offer a large Variety of homes for sale in the entire metropolitan southern California area. Our office has access to a large verity of investor owned homes that are great for the buyer that wants a completely remolded home for a fraction of the cost. At DCI we take the time to educate the first time home buyer on all their options in detail not just superficially. For the home owner wanting to upgrade we advice them of all the current trends rule and regulations that are constantly changing in this current environment. For the standard or short seller we will access your desired result and discuss your options and if we enter into an agreement you can be assured of success.

When it's time to sell your home, you want to get as much money as possible, as quickly as possible. Here are costly mistakes many sellers make. These mistakes can add up to thousands of dollars being lost unknowingly when you sell your home. They can even cause it not to sell at all.

These are the Things to Avoid:

Not obtaining a "total picture" of the entire market before you start to sell.
Not getting accurate information about how long it will actually take to get your home sold.
Paying for ineffective advertising.
Not knowing the simple steps of how to prepare your home to look and feel like a "model home" so that it has the highest probability of attracting immediate interest and top dollar from buyers.
Not insisting that interviewing agents verify their pricing recommendations for your home.
Letting a real estate company "buy your listing" with a temporarily inflated sales price.


Getting the highest price for your home today involves a systematic approach

Today's buyers have a tremendous number of homes from which they can choose. Even if you don't have to sell, you're forced to compete with other sellers who do have to sell, and are willing to cut their price to get a sale.

Critical steps of effective home marketing:

Accurately appraising your home's value.
Setting the right price for your home (by setting the right price range first).
Calculating your bottom-line net profit (using offer price, not list price).
Advertising and marketing your home.
Preparing your home for sale. (Knowing how to make buyers instantly attracted).
Qualifying buyers and negotiating contract offers (to get your price).

Getting financing and closing your sale. (Avoid costly mistakes that can derail your sale).

By systematically executing these steps, you will get better results. When you decide to sell your home, you should definitely expect detailed information and straight answers, not "sales talk" or hype that convinces you into going with the company or agent who simply says they're the biggest, or the best, or whatever, to get your business.

Your home is one of your biggest financial and emotional investments. You should not expect to leave any element to guesswork or chance.