DCI (Dan Cavallo Incorporated) has been a California Corporation # C1431240 since 1988 and has been licensed by the California Department of Real Estates # 01112830 since 1991. Dan Cavallo Incorporated is also listed on Dunn and Bradstreet with an excellent rating. Daniel Cavallo the General Manager and CEO has the education and experience to keep DCI running at the highest level of customer satisfaction that our clients have come to expect. Our objective is to educate our clients to understand their objectives so we may create the successful end result as a team.

we offer a large Variety of homes for sale in the entire metropolitan southern California area. Our office has access to a large verity of investor owned homes that are great for the buyer that wants a completely remolded home for a fraction of the cost. At DCI we take the time to educate the first time home buyer on all their options in detail not just superficially. For the home owner wanting to upgrade we advice them of all the current trends rule and regulations that are constantly changing in this current environment. For the standard or short seller we will access your desired result and discuss your options and if we enter into an agreement you can be assured of success.

Daniel Cavallo
General Manager
DCI, Inc